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August 30th, 2020

what is POPPING everyone? i havent got a ton going on honestly. just kinda chillin with my boyfriend and our dog lmao.

my fuckin. car broke down a couple weeks ago, and there was a whole bunch of bullshit with that but we figured it out and so tomorrow we gotta go pick up a new alternator. idk i have no clue how cars work at all lmao.

in other news i dyed my hair for the first time yesterday :3c we were at target and i said fuck it and picked up some teal box dye and hair bleach. it didnt come out perfect because i didnt know what i was doing but i think i look rad >:^) idk why i'd never done it before, i always wanted to since i was younger but for some reason i was always afraid of ruining my hair or something. idk. i've always been rly particular about my hair ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

but yeah. not much else to rly talk about here, ive been kinda bored. been makin music, playing a ton of TTT in Garrysmod lol its fuckin fun. oh! and ive been kinda working on another comic thing :3c idk its just kinda somethin im doing in between things when im bored

so yeah uh. with regards,

violet <3

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